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Founded in 1973, Carousel Skate Center of Huntsville, AL is one of the most fun, indoor roller Skating rinks in the country, where Sk8'ers and Sk8'n fans alike meet for aerobic exercise, memorable family enjoyment, super-awesome Sk8'n birthday parties, and organizational, church and youth-group parties as well .. or simply to get away for a few hours of fun, indoor recreation with family and friends or to re-live those fond Sk8'n memories really never left behind.

Possessing the latest in technology, your Sk8 Center sports awesome LED light shows, a powerful sound system, super-fun Sk8'n games and prizes, amazingly fun video games, a well-stocked Prize Center, and a snack bar with all your favorite refreshing fountain and sport drinks, piping hot pizza, nachos, and more!

So (you ask) why is Sk8'n good for me & my kids?

(Here are 10 reasons why -- there are plenty more ...)

1. You can easily define Sk8'n -- in comparison with other sports -- with a one-syllable word: Fun! In fact, at Carousel Skate Center the Sk8'n slogan is "It's Fun you can FEEL!"

2. Sk8'n is Fun Exercise that kids of all ages can enjoy -- from younger than two years old to young 70-year old-plus Sk8'ers. In fact, there are many Sk8'ers at your Sk8 Center who started Sk8'n at two years of age -- and yes, no kidding -- we have many Sk8'ers who are well into their fifties (and much younger as far as 60's and 70's go).

3. Sk8'n helps develop motor skills, dexterity, conditions bones and muscles, and helps younger Sk8'ers improve their listening skills through participation in games.

4. Sk8'n provides youngsters (and adults) with social interaction in a safe and stimulating, fun environment.

5. Sk8'n is a self-paced sport -- Sk8'ers can develop at their own pace. Over the years, we have watched our regular Sk8'ers develop from novice Sk8'ers into polished, confident athletes who demonstrate outstanding agility, alertness, and physical well-being. Many now routinely win the Sk8 races, Sk8 backwards and do tricks, such as jumps, spins and jam-skating moves.

6. Sk8'n develops character, promotes sound physical fitness practices, and helps Sk8'ers develop a sense of pride and confidence.

7. Sk8'n is equivalent to jogging, as far as health benefits are concerned -- and you can exercise indoors no matter how hot, cold, or wet it is outside!

8. Sk8'n -- as mentioned earlier -- can result in up to 600 calories being expended in just one hour. If you do the math, in a four-hour session that's nearly 2,000 calories of fun exercise in a safe and fun environment!

9. Sk8'n is a sport that is just right for families, too. Your Sk8 Center offers a variety of Family-oriented Sk8'n sessions, to include Saturday Fun Sk8, where birthday Sk8'n parties are an all-time favorite; Tuesday Nite Family Sk8; tiny tot Saturday Sk8 (where Moms & Dads & Grandparents can walk on the Sk8'n floor); and Sunday Family Fun Sk8; and of course - Friday & Saturday Nite Sk8's; in addition to special Sk8'n sessions and private Sk8'n parties.

10. Finally, Sk8'n not only brings back memories -- remember those days of your youth? -- Sk8'n can help make newer and even more enjoyable memories as well -- memories that will last a lifetime to remind you time and time again how much fun Sk8'n can be.